We sell a variety of plastics and industrial laminates both B2B and direct to the consumer. Full sheets or cut to size blocks are available. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for pricing and availability. Common materials we stock include:

• Acetal
• Acrylic
• Canvas Phenolic
• Delrin
• Fishpaper
• FR-4 Epoxy
• G-7 Epoxy
• G-9 Epoxy,
• G-10 Epoxy
• G-11 Epoxy
• Linen Phenolic
• Nylon
• Plexiglass

• Polycarbonate
• Polyethylene
• Polypropylene
• Rubber-clad Phenolic
• Teflon
• Vinyl
• Vulcanized Fibre


Our Union, New Jersey location utilizes approximately 19,000 SF of office, manufacturing and warehouse space.  Low volume plastic and metal stamping and machining as well as plastic raw material distribution are handled out of this facility.  Union Township in Union County is approximately 20 miles west of New York City.

Our Rome, Georgia location in northwest Georgia’s Floyd County operates under the name Rummel Stampings.  Specializing in short run to high volume metal and plastic stamping this 65,000 SF facility fulfills our larger orders.

Continuing our proud tradition as your skilled, reliable and cost-effective manufactured parts supplier…