Since 1928 Rummel has been providing parts to order and while materials and methods  have changed our commitment to serve our customers remains constant.  We will supply accurate parts on time and when changes are required to the product or delivery schedule we’re ready to accommodate them. From the shop floor through the office our culture emphasizes production and our lean organizational structure gives us the flexibility to adjust quickly to our customer’s needs.

We’re a third generation family-owned business and our team of approximately thirty full-time employees have an average tenure of over ten years with the company with several having built careers of twenty, thirty and even forty-plus years with our organization.  This high level of experience and low level of turnover are directly reflected in the quality of the parts we make and the timeliness in which we make them.

We all like doing what we do and it shows in the products we make.


Our Union, New Jersey location utilizes approximately 19,000 SF of office, manufacturing and warehouse space.  Low volume plastic and metal stamping and machining as well as plastic raw material distribution are handled out of this facility.  Union Township in Union County is approximately 20 miles west of New York City.

Our Rome, Georgia location in northwest Georgia’s Floyd County operates under the name Rummel Stampings. Specializing in short run to high volume metal and plastic stamping this 65,000 SF facility fulfills our larger orders.

Continuing our proud tradition as your skilled, reliable and cost-effective manufactured parts supplier…